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 Starting in 2006 this page will be dedicated to all the happenings at Tidmores Rising Star German Shepherds. Please check it regularly so you don’t miss a thing.



December 3, 2016

Tidmores Rising Star kennel had a great day on Saturday December 3, 2016

Tidmores Rising Star Rose finished up her United Kennel Club Championship; so now she can add UCH in front of her name.  She also won best of breed in the second show and went on to place 1st in the Herding Group.

Her half- brother Tank, or UCH Tidmores Rising Star Knight N Shining Armor, BN, HIC, CGC, was best of breed and took a 3rd place in the herding Group in the 1st show.


December 3, 2016

Tidmores Rising Star Vikki, aka Makia finish up her RN title and also qualified for her first leg in Beginner Novice.


October 2016- The 2016 Nationals are over and here are a few of the highlights.




September 2016

With October nearly approaching the German shepherd Nationals will be taking place soon. I wanted to give a SHOUT out to TWO sweet friends and AWESOME dog owners/handlers/trainers. Both Kathy Woodbury and Jennifer Patton are going to Nationals to receive their PAM awards. This stands for Performance Award of Merit. Here is a link that tells more about it.…/g…/82-performance-award-of-merit-pam

A dog has MANY things to accomplish to receive this, and for them to be representing “Tidmores Rising Star” kennel; I just cannot EXPRESS the thrill it is as a breeder!!! Hoping they do well at Nationals, but mostly have fun and THANK YOU both for ALL your hard work and dedication!!


UACH, URO1 Tidmores Rising Star Lydia CD, BN, RE, AX, OAJ, NF, HT, CGC, TC

UKC CH, UCDx, URO2 Tidmores Rising Star Idaho CGC, RE, BN, GN, GO, VER, UD, OA, OAJ, CA, PT





May 7, 2016–Jazz completes her URO1 title.

Jazz URO1 titleJazz heeling URO1 2


April 30, 2016—- Tidmores Rising Star Rose, does well in a UKC all breed conformation show in Norman, OK.  She goes Best Female in the first show and Reserve Female in the second show.

UKC Best Female 4-30-16


April 9, 2016  UCH Tidmores Rising Star Honey, RN, CD, HIC

Honey completes the qualifications to get her CD title. Out of a large class of 14 dogs, she got second place!!  Picture coming soon.

Honey's CD title pictureCD title pictureAKC CD title certificate 4-9-16


December 5, 2015  Jazz completes her UKC Championship

UKC Champion certificate


August 8, 2015  Tank completes his Beginner Novice Title

Beginner Novice Title certificate


April 25,2015

Yjazz Vom Haus Merkel, BN, CD, HIC aka Jazz. She did ok for her first UKC conformation show.  She got a Best Female with competition so that gives her a good start for earning her points towards her championship.

UKC Best female 4-25-15 2


November 15, 2014

A really fun day. Tank finished up his UKC Championship, Cinder went “Reserve Best in Show” that was in the first show.  Then Honey took the wins in the second show; by going “Best of Breed” and on to a “Group 2” win.

Tank New Champion UKC-Nov. 2014Cinder- Reserve Best in Show UKC Nov. 2014Honey Group 2 UKC Nov. 2014


October 4, 2014  Honey & Tank both qualified in their respective obedience categories and received their second legs: Tank towards his BN title and Honey towards her CD title both with first place.

Honey & Tank's ribbons 10-4-14


August 9, 2014— Jazz completed her CD title!!!  2 shows in OKC, she took second place in Novice B for both shows.  Also in the first show was highest scoring GSD in the show. 

Jazz CD title 8-9-14 use 2 - Copy

Also Tank got his first leg towards his BN title. He is young, and I have a lot of work to do with this WONDERFUL boy!


April 26,2014 My good friend Kathy Woodbury takes Jazz for her herding instinct testing and Jazz qualifies and receives her second leg to receive her HIC. Thank you Kathy!!!



April 26, 2014  Tank & Honey do their mama proud!!!  They were both entered in the UKC shows in Norman Oklahoma.  There were 2 shows on Saturday; Honey took best of breed in the first and also went on to take a group 3.  Tank took Best of Breed in the second, without placing in group.

Honey UKC group 3

 Tank UKC Best In Breed 4-2014 

January 2014 – Three Tidmore Rising Star Boys accomplish some great things!!  Rowdy finishes up his UCDX title on 1/12/14. Renno finishes his CD title on 1/18/14; and Troy receives 2 legs toward his UD title 1/18/14. So proud of All their owners!! View more about each of these boys under “Outside Stars”

November 2, 2013 – Cinder finishes up her UKC Championship!!  So proud of my girl. 

U-CH, CD Tidmores Rising Star Cinderella, RN, CD, OFA Good


OCTOBER 5, 2013

TIDMORES RISING STAR HONEY, RN,BN,HIC – Honey received her first leg towards her CD Title, at the OKC German Shepherd Dog all breed obedience trial, with a second place. Looking to hopefully compete more this month up in Tulsa.

July 27, 2013 Hurray Jazz!!  She finishes up her beginner novice title with a first place and a score of 196.  Also earns her first leg towards her CD title with a score of 191….Very proud of this girl. 🙂

Jazz BN title 7-27-13

May 4, 2013 – Tank & Honey both finish up their Herding Instinct Certification.

APRIL 27, 2013UCD TIDMORES RISING STAR CINDERELLA, RN,CD – Goes Best of breed twice and a Group 2 and Group 3 placements at the UKC American Eskimo Dog Club, All Breed conformation show. 

header11.jpgCinder 4-27-13 Group 2 placement UKC

September 22, 2012 – Honey & Jazz were both entered in the Beginner Novice class at the Irish Setter Club of Greater Tulsa, Inc.,  which also offered  ALL breed obedience. Honey took first place in both shows with a 198 & 196 1/2 and finished up her Beginner’s title. She is now Tidmores Rising Star Honey,RN, BN, OFA Good.  Jazz NQ’d in the first show, but received 3rd place in the second show with a 194 and received her first leg towards her title.

9-22-12 BN Irishsetter club

9-22-12 Honey BN Title at Irish club show

Beauty X Dryker daughter 2009

September 6th, 2012 – Honey receives her OFA certifications and will now be added to my breeding program. Hips good, elbows normal. She has her Rally Novice title and will be shown again this month to hopefully finish up her Beginner Novice title. 


August 11, 2012Tidmores Rising Star Honey RN, Miss Honey does her mama proud again. She was entered in 4 rings on Saturday August 11th, 2012 at the Oklahoma City Obedience Training Club shows, and she qualified in all 4! Also came away with her Rally Novice title, 2 legs toward her Beginner Novice title, plus icing on the cake a 194 1/2 third place and a 196 first place in the Beginner Novice ring. 

 8-11-12 Beginner Novice OKC 8-11-12 Honey & all winnings from the day in OKC

April 14, 2012 – Tidmores Rising Star Honey does her mama proud. She took first place in Rally Novice B with a 96, that is for her first leg towards that title and also goes Reserve winner in the breed ring, at the shows in Grove Oklahoma.

4-14-12 Honey at Grove Reserve winner & 1st Rally novice B

October 8, 2011 – UCD Tidmores Rising Star Cinderella, RN, CD, OFA Good. Cinder finishes her Companion Dog title with a 1ST place and a score of 192  in Fayetteville Arkansas. Proud owner, breeder, trainer and handler. ME Cynthia Tidmore. 🙂

August 13, 2011 – UCD Tidmores Rising Star Beauty CD, RA – Receives her third leg to now have her Rally Advance title, at the Oklahoma City Obedience Training Club show.



February 18, 2011 – Cynthia Tidmore added as a “Breeder of Merit” 

breeder of merit

June 26, 2010  UCD Tidmores Rising Star CinderellaRN shows 2 times in UKC obedience shows at the “Tulsa Dog Training Club” and receives her UCDtitle, also in her second show takes 2nd place with a 196!! Hurray Cinder.  

6-26-10 #1 Cinder6-26-10 #2 Cinder6-26-10 #3 Cinder

6-26-10 high jump6-26-10 #5 Cinder6-26-10 #7 Cinder6-26-10 #9 Cinder

June 12, 2010 Tidmores Rising Star Cinderella RN receives her first points towards her UCH title and goes best of breed at the first UKC conformation show held at “Companion Dog School” in Tulsa, OK. 

6-12-10 UKC stack6-12-10 UKC best of breed

May 22, 2010 Tidmores Rising Star Honey takes 1st place in the 6-9 month puppy at the OKC GSD special. 

05-22-10 Honey 1st place GSD special OKC05-22-10 Honey head shot

May 8, 2010  Daisy receives her BH title under SV Working Judge Dieter Gerlach of Germany at the “Oklahoma Working Dog Association”  trial in Tulsa Oklahoma.


April 17, 2010 Tidmores Rising Star Cinderella Beauty & Honey ALL accomplished what I had hoped at the Grove Oklahoma Show. Cinder received her 2nd leg towards her CD title, Beauty received her 2nd leg towards her RA title, and little Miss Honey was in the conformation ring in (6-9 month) and did well. My goal for her was the socialization, and there was a large entry for this show so that was great!!

April 10, 2010 Tidmores Rising Star CinderellaRN receives her first leg towards her AKC CD title.

March 13, 2010 Tidmores Rising Star Cinderella,RN receives her 2nd leg towards her UCD title. In a large class of 16, Cinder was in a run off for 4th place and won the run off. I am very proud of her with a score of 191 1/2!!! 

3-13-10 #13-13-10 #23-13-10 #33-13-10 #4 Cinder

3-13-10 #4

January 16, 2010Tidmores Rising Star Cinderella,RN receives her first leg towards her UCD title.

JANUARY 15, 2010 – Tidmores Rising Star Cinderella,RN receives her OFA certification, and will now be added to my breeding program.

October 10, 2009  Tidmores Rising Star Cinderella receives her 3rd leg and new title in Rally Novice.

June 27, 2009 Tidmores Rising Star Daisy CGC, RN, CD and her 9 month old son Tidmores Rising Star Galileo (aka Sarge) both receive their Herding Instinct Certification from the (North American Miniature Australian Shepherd Club of the U.S.A.)


Sarge herding with Daisy

April 28th, 2009 UCD Tidmores Rising Star Scarlet CDX, NA, NAJ is laid to rest next to Rhett, as she should be.