“The Past”


UCD Tidmores Rising Star Beauty,RA,CD,OFA GOOD Date of Birth 10-19-04 Passed 3-15-2014   Sire: V Bobby vom Stillen Rain, SchH1, HIC, RE, CD, AX, AXJ, KKL1 “a” (BOBBY’S PEDIGREE) Dam: UCD Tidmores Rising Star Scarlet, CDX,NA,NAJ      Tidmores Rising Star Beauty: She has a personality that is just precious!! Here you can see her Beauty, plus her gentleness.  Pictures …


Deceased (05-19-2017)  Sire:                                                                                 CH Samuri’s Cody Banks TC HT JHD,OFA Excellent  Dam: UCD Tidmores Rising Star Beauty, RA,CD, OFA Good                                                                     U-CH,CD Tidmores Rising Star Cinderella, CD,RN, OFA Good    November 15, 2014 – Cinder goes “Reserve Best in Show” at a UKC all breed show in Norman Oklahoma. __________________________________________________________________ November 2, 2013  Cinder …


DECEASED Tidmores Rising Star Daisy, CD, RN, HIC, BH, ofa Good, Elbows normal Date of Birth: 6-19-2003 (Pedigree) __________________________________________________________________ Daisy was a Cute & Sweet puppy. __________________________________________________________________ Daisy receiving her BH __________________________________________________________________ Herding, she was a natural. __________________________________________________________________ Excellent in Obedience


 Available to approved females You can contact Jennifer Aguilar at  jennifer@vtds-gsds.com UCH  Esko vom Tal der Schatten, CGC, RN, LEVEL 1 NARCOTICS K9, OFA GOOD-ELBOWS NORMAL           Esko 2012    


RETIRED UCH Tidmores Rising Star Honey, RN, BN, HIC,CD ofa Good Honey’s Sire: V Dryker von Wilhendorf SchH3 IPO3 FH1 OFA Honey’s Dam: UCD Tidmores Rising Star Beauty, CD,RA, OFA Good __________________________________________________________________ November 15, 2014 – Honey does well in Norman Oklahoma at a UKC all breed conformation show. She takes “Best of Breed” and …


(Click on pictures to view larger) U-CH, RO1 Yjazz Vom Haus Merkel, BN,CD HIC OFA GOOD,EB’s normal DATE OF BIRTH: 6/4/2009- 02/01/2020 (RETIRED) Jazz pedigree Jazz April 2015 Best Female in UKC Conformation show. Jazz with her May, 2013 litter ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   __________________________________________________________________ August 9, 2014– Jazz finishes up her CD title in OKC.  Entered in 2 …


DECEASED Deutsche Nick Vom Vollkommen, CDX (pedigree) I purchased Nick when he was 18 months old, I trained, showed and titled him to his CDX. The dog below is one of Nick’s sons that obtained is TD title. Sharon Celum who is now an AKC tracking judge owned and trained and titled him.


Scarlet was what I guess you would call my heart dog. She was just the best. I trained and showed her probably more than any of the dogs I have owned. It was a move in 2003 that slowed us down for competing and training, so I wasn’t able to complete a UD on her.  …


U-CH Tidmores Rising Star Knight N Shining Armor, HIC, BN, CGC ofa Good, elbows normal “TANK” (Tank’s Pedigree) _________________________________________________________________ Tank completes his Beginner Novice Title, hopefully on to his CD. August 8, 2015 _________________________________________________________________ November 15, 2014 – Tank completes his UKC Championship. _________________________________________________________________         Tank’s Sire & Dam V Arthos vom Hochstaedterwappen    …


AKC pointed Tidmores Rising Star Terra, CD DECEASED (pedigree) Terra and me made the local news paper one day while training.