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2013 #2

DATE OF BIRTH 5/11/2013

Pedigree for puppies

SIRE: UCH  Esko vom Tal der Schatten, CGC, RN, LEVEL 1 NARCOTICS K9, OFA GOOD-ELBOWS NORMAL          


DAM: Yjazz Vom Haus Merkel, BN, CD OFA Good

Jazz with pups 6 weeks old



Auggie March 12-14  Auggie march 23-14

Olga going home use (2)Olga going home use

Olga 11-9-13 003

septemper 20,2013 Olga (2)

olga tug of war

 olga useOlga (3)use



Kenyata going home 003

septemper 20,2013 Oasis use

Oasis oasis use


September 4, 2013 – Tidmores Rising Star Oreo aka Chewie, goes to her new home with Dave, Nikki, and family in Papillion, NE.  Dave and Nikki also have another Tidmores Rising Star, Harley from my Beauty X Dryker 2010 breeding. So happy to have them as a second time purchaser.

Olivia aka Savana & Oreo going home use


Oreo in new home Oreo and Harley waiting my patio door,9-9-13


Oreo riding home 9-4-13

it was a rough ride home. 🙂

Oreo in new home

A very SWEET welcome home!!!

Oreo 8-18-13 use Oreo use

Oreo (3)use O


September 3, 2013 Tidmores Rising Star Olivia aka Savanna, goes to her new home with Pam and family of Savanna, OK

Olivia aka Savana & Oreo going home use (2)

Savanna 10-12-13Olivia aka Savanna ears up 9-9-13


Olivia (2)Olivia use


Olivia use


August 17, 2013 Tidmores Rising Star Oxana aka Reva goes to her new home with Mike & Liz of Lake Havasu City, AZ. 

Reva 11-13

REVA November 2013


Oxana going home use


 <Reva 9-17-13

Oxana sleeping on way home

Trip home she looks worried. 🙂

Reva with paper (3)

Reva taking the paper in for her owner, just a few days in her new home. She makes her mama proud!!!


Oxana (2) use Oxana



July 29, 2013 – Tidmores Rising Star Oksana aka Dixie Rose goes to her new home with Cliff & Barbara of Dallas, TX.

Oksana going home 7-29-13 003 Oksana going home 7-29-13 005

Oksana #2

OOksana use (2)

Oksana in her new home 7-29-13Oksana-Dixie Rose 8-10-13 #1


July 13, 2013  Tidmores Rising Star Ozzie aka Panzer

Panzer 11-13

Panzer, November 2013


 Going home with his new family of Yukon, OK. Once more I am very thrilled to have the Hayes purchase from me, they are also a returning client. :)


Ozzie going home use Ozzie going home #2 use


Ozzie 6-15-13 use


Ozzie ride home 7-13-13 #2Ozzie 7-13-13 #1 Ozzie ride home with big brother






July 6th, the first baby goes to his new home. As a breeder having clients return to you makes you truly feel humble. Dr. Colvin and his wife Cindy purchased a puppy from me in 2000 and lost him a couple of months ago. I know Tidmores Rising Star Ohio aka Chance will have an awesome home. Thank you Dr. Colvin & Cindy of Boerne, TX.

Chance 9-23-13


Ohio going homeOhio going home july 6,2013 002 Ohio going home july 6,2013 006

Ohio 6-15-13 use