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About Those Guarantees

I have been to a lot of different breeders web pages and read their “Guarantees”; pages and pages of do’s and don’ts. Each time I sit and smile because all the stuff they put out there is NOT worth the paper it is written on.

So I am putting this in my simple words that I feel ALL readers can understand. We are human and we CAN NOT guarantee genetics, simple, plain and true!!

So if we have any problems that come up I will deal with my clients in a honest Christian manner. If having a piece of paper makes some feel better, then we will work it up at the time of the purchase so that we are both in agreement with what should take place if your puppy/dog develops problems. 

I always try and give advice and suggestions for new owners to try and help avoid certain problems that can develop with our breed, such as hips and elbows.  I do give suggestions as to do’s and don’ts for their puppies lives to help them grow up without problems, but I never tell you how to raise your dog. If it is a member of your family I feel certain you will take the best care  of it, and love it.  Even  if something might develop I trust you will take it to your vet and take care of it.

 Doctors never guarantee us that all of our children will be born with NO problems at birth or develop some illness or won’t have some genetic problem in their life time. Do we want to send them back to the doctor and demand them to replace them?  A bit of humor, but I think you get my point. I will ALWAYS do my best by having by breeding stock certified that they are healthy and ready for breeding, but that truly is ALL I can guarantee.  Best of luck in your search for your GSD.

Cynthia Tidmore up dated 9/4/2011