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PLEASE read below his story

He is OFA Good hips and Normal elbows, he is DM clear through GenSol.  He is intact, however at this time he does not appear to be interested in females at all when they are in season.  He could do well at dock diving. He is not a love bug, doesn’t care weather you pet on him or not. Very independent, has gotten along with all my females even our little min-pin. I would not put him with another male. He will need an experienced GSD owner to love and give him the home I am looking for.

Meet this incredible boy!! Tidmores Rising Star Rudolph, aka Havoc. Havoc is a Jazz X Rowdy son, and a full brother to Rose, born 12-13-2014. He left the kennel here at 9 weeks of age. He was returned to me early March 2017. His owner came into tough times and could no longer keep him. I have been evaluating him and taking him out some. He has gone to Atwood’s and nothing phased him, very calm, didn’t mind meeting and greeting people. Since I have not trained him as a young puppy, I am not sure how many titles we may or may not be able to obtain. But this boy is SOLID and let me tell you why.
On Sunday morning June 18, 2017 Father’s Day. It was raining, thunder and lightning. After a BIG boom and flash that was VERY close to the house I (for whatever reason) decided to look out at the kennels. I can see them from my bedroom window. I see flames, coming from the evaporative cooler that is setting against Havoc’s kennel, it is on fire!!! I run out, VERY concerned that the flames have gotten the dog house and pine shavings on fire also, and gotten to Havoc. Thankfully, he had gone to the far corner furthest away from the flames, just sitting and waiting. I opened the gate and he runs out. My husband has already gotten the water turned on for me and I begin to put out the fire. This cooler, was NOT even plugged in. Mr. Havoc, runs around the yard (his normal routine when let out) smelling and doing his business. Once done he comes back to the kennel and proceeds to run back in as if nothing has happened. REALLY feel good about his confidence, temperament and well what can I say his courage!! He has received OFA Good on his hips and Normal elbows.
The lighting struck something to cause the fire, but I don’t know if it was the kennel itself or the cooler. Just so THANKFUL it did not spread or hurt any of my fur babies.