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2018 Letter

Received March 17, 2018

Olga X Tank March 13, 2017

I meant to send an email on the pups’ first birthday, but Schubert and I had a big day that day, and I’ve been busy busy busy since. So, I apologize for that – I should have been much more prompt! I just wanted to give you an update on my guy.

Schubert and I have been taking this first year easy. We did a couple group classes in the summer, and took a pause as he began adolescence, so we could continue reinforcing his “old” tricks and training, rather than stating anything new. And we’ve been pretty successful with that! His adolescence was very, very manageable.

I knew within the first week of bringing him home that he was, as you said before I got him, a calm boy. The last pup I knew was a little spitfire who bounced off the walls at all moments. Schubert was content to lounge, and play lazily. That’s not to say he doesn’t have energy now, of course! He’s happy to run and play any time. He loves other dogs, as long as they meet off-leash – he has some barrier reactivity that we’re working on. And he’s absolutely fantastic with children. He’s very gentle, letting them pet him and play with him.

He’s grown into a beautiful boy. He was about 70 lbs when I last weighed him, in December. His growth is certainly slowing now, but I know he’s not done. I’m amazed at how much of his personality is the same now as it was when he was a baby. He loves to be pet and scratched, he loves water more than life itself, and he has never met a bird he didn’t want to chase. He listens to me beautifully, and behaves well for my friends as well. I thought, when I first brought him home, that I got the perfect puppy for me. I knew that may change, but at the time, I was convinced. And still, I am positive Schubert is the right dog for me. He’s lazy when I’m lazy, active when I’m active, and is happy to try new things or stick with the old. And I have to thank you for that. I tell everyone all the time that Schubert is just a perfect fit for me, and I truly believe it.

Lastly: here are some pictures of my guy! Some are better than others, but they should give a fair idea of how he’s grown over time. I know you like getting updates 🙂 I’m certain this next year will bring more and more for him!

Thank you again for all you do. Schubert and I certainly appreciate it!


Received February 2018

Cinder X Creed boy 2011


It’s been a while since I’ve checked in about my dog Bill, so just wanted to give an update before he turns seven in a couple months. I can’t believe it’s been that long since he joined my family, and I can’t thank you enough for giving me the chance to have him.

Just a quick update on this “old” dog that continues to surprise me:

My Dad is older and dealing with a lot of health issues, so I moved him from California to live with me. My Dad adores Bill, but given my Dad’s health, I was concerned Bill would be a little much for him. It’s been the exact opposite. When I take Bill on a walk, he’s very well behaved and heels by my side. But with others, just like you warned me when he was weeks old, Bill likes to take charge. But Bill almost sensed my Dad’s health condition immediately, and for the last couple months, my Dad has been taking Bill on walks all over the neighborhood in OKC. Bill doesn’t pull, lunge or run. He walks calmly, always looking to my Dad for the pace to walk. And, when they encounter a stranger, Bill puts himself between the stranger and my Dad and remains suspicious until being told it’s OK. It’s incredible to see how easily these dogs can learn and how much they care. I didn’t train him to deal with a feeble person, or how he should protect someone other than me outside of our home, Bill just figured it out.

He also is an energetic as ever, but also knows when it’s OK to rest at home. I have a personal goal of tiring him out before my arm playing fetch, but I’m not making any progress yet. His hips and elbows are in GREAT shape. As he’s aged, I’ve noticed that his ear discomfort has become more frequent, but it’s almost entirely seasonal (rather than once every 6 months, I take him to the vet once every 5, and he’s good to go). He doesn’t have any joint pain, eye problems or really anything wrong with him.

Almost every vet I’ve taken Bill to over the years has commented on his weight and body structure. I’m not an expert on it, so I hope this is a compliment: Bill has always made perfect marks for his weight and mass, even though I free feed him. Some vets have mentioned that other breeders try to make bigger, more barrel chested GSD as a “guard dog”. Four different vets have now complimented you for creating a working dog, consistent with the breed. I’ve seen it when I take Bill to play with other dogs too. One of my friends has a lovely GSD who is nearing 100 lbs, but not really fat either. Bill, at about 83-85 lbs, has his way with him with energy to spare, despite being four years older.

I am so grateful to have him, and I love looking at your new pups, because, depending on my Dad’s health, I’ll want another. I can’t imagine having a better dog.

Thank you so much, and I really hope everything is well,