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December 2, 2008      

Hi Cynthia,

It has been quite awhile since I sent you an update and so much has been happening! Almost all good. Zephyr is  doing great. She has become a beautiful and well balanced girl. She passed      her AKC Canine Good Citizen test with flying colors. I was more nervous than she was! 

 Her protection instincts have really kicked in, but she shows tremendous good sense. Overall, she is  just very friendly to everyone unless they give her a good reason not to be. Like the termite guy that swatted her with his  metal detector thingy. It was an unprovoked attack on his      part, but Zephyr would have none of that on her turf. If I had not been there watching through a      window, I don’t want to think about what she might have done. But once again, she had the good sense to back down on my very firm verbal command and she then just watched him VERY carefully until he left. I didn’t  like him either!!! 

She is proving herself to be an outstanding narcotics detection dog. What a nose! And she seems to love having a job to do. When we are working she just becomes  a totally different animal. Focused and relentless! She is virtually 100% on marijuana and cocaine. I can’t seem to stump her.  My long range plans for her are to pursue her Therapy Dog title. Then, once that is done, I would like to train her for protection work just for fun. I have no doubt that she will excel at either or both. She seems to just put on a different hat depending on what I ask her to do. When      children are around, she lays her ears down and becomes a big wet tongue. When drugs are around, she turns into a hyperactive maniac with a one track mind and when a stranger      wielding long, beeping tools swats at her… Well… You know….Of course  we will continue our narcotics work. We both enjoy that. As you can  see from the attached photo, she is beautiful. She looks so  much like the pictures of her daddy in color and shape of her head and body style. She moves with smooth fluid grace, and her coat is shiny and very soft for a shepherd.      She is not especially large. Only 65 pounds. Everywhere I take her, people ask where I got her, and I am happy to tell them about you. You do wonderful work!!!! I hope you are  as happy with your girl as we have been with Zephyr.


Lt Col Carol A. Collins

12-02-08 Zephyr


October 19, 2008 

Hi Cynthia –                    

Today is B-Zack and Beauty’s 4th birthday!  We were one happy,  thankful couple four years ago today!  We came to see him a week from yesterday – four years ago.             

He  is doing absolutely great!  God gave us a perfect family member!       B-Zack is very loyal to us and is so happy.  He loves his home.    We built a covered patio on the back which extends the roof line.       One of his favorite things to do – after working & playing – is  lying on the patio with us.  His temperament is awesome.  He  still has all the toys we brought with us when we picked him up.  He      has not destroyed or injured anything in our home.  He never gets on  furniture.  I cannot tell you enough good things about him.             

B-Zack  is truly our companion and we love him so much.  Thank you for making all this JOY possible for us.             

Love  you,             


10-19-08 B-Zack

_______________________________   Bobby X Scarlet breeding 2004__________________________________

 September 3, 2008       

Hi Cynthia! Zephyr continues to do very well She graduated  from Intermediate Obedience two weeks      ago and has all of her hand signals down pat. She was the only dog in the class to perform the long distance recall perfectly without voice. I was so proud! Best of all is she seems to have so much fun      performing and knows when she does something just right.  She’s a  real show-off and moves beautifully. I have had a number of people ask me where she came from and I am always thrilled to pass your website  on to them with rave reviews for the quality of your GSDs.

Zephyr is also progressing very  well with her drug detection work. It  was so satisfying to watch her learn to use her nose. I am  running out of hiding spots she can’t figure out. I even hid it in a  pile of really stinky laundry and she keyed right in on it! Amazing! It’s just a fun game for her!  I am not sure what official title,  if any is conveyed for drug  searching, but I will find out.  These are private lessons with Angel Soriano at his K9 University. He is an outstanding and well known trainer here in Oklahoma City.  Finally, I have my girl enrolled in Canine Good Citizen class starting on Friday. This should be  pretty easy for her since she is very well socialized. We just have so  much fun in these classes, I can’t resist!

The only thing that Zephyr has not been enthusiastic about is agility. And I think that may be because we  started it during that really hot spell we went through this summer. We decided to quit that until it cools off this fall. 

Hope all is going well with you!

//SIGNED// Lt Col Carol A. Collins

9-03-08 Zephyr (2)

Beauty X Cody Daughter

Born Oct. 25,2007


August 25, 2008      

Hi Cynthia,

Thought I would send you an updated picture. I am getting a new  camera soon (as you can see in the photos, my camera is about done) so I  am sure I’ll be experimenting a lot on Samantha and will send you better ones. Hope  everything is going well with you. Have you gone to any shows lately? How is Cinder? Sam is doing  great. I think she is full grown now, but probably will gain more weight. She is 64 pounds now. She is getting less shy, but       still is a baby. We passed a lady in a wheel chair during our walk today and she wanted so bad to bark at her. She made little barks, but I kept her from her all out barking. She is just protective and had never seen a wheel  chair before. She has a darling personality  though. 

Hope all is great with you.


8-25-08 Sam 8-25-08 Sam #2Beauty X Cody breeding 2007



June 15, 2008      

              Hello Cynthia,Here are some very recent pics of our gorgeous boy.  I   sent one pic with my boyfriend and Roman so you can see the scale.   He’s a big boy, but I don’t think he’s over 90#, although he  hasn’t been weighed since his HW test in April when he was 86#.    He seems to be calming down overall, although he gets good   exercise with me daily which tires him out.  He gets to play after our walk where we go to the park and throw the ball around with him.  He usually sleeps the entire rest of the day!   Yesterday we ran 3 miles together.  He’s AMAZING on a leash  now, although it took me a lot of work to get to that point.   We had a house full of guests yesterday too and he mingled with  everyone like it was no big deal.  He was territorial in the  past in the house.  Anyway, I watch The Dog Whisperer  regularly and subscribe wholly to his approach.  It works  with Roman!Take good care and I’ll keep sending pics.Jeff and Julie

6-15-08 Roman & Jeff (2)6-15-08 Roman


BORN 1-13-2007


May 25, 2008      

    I just wanted to send some new photos of Günther to you. He is growing up to be a very        handsome young man. We get complimented on him all the time. Many people have inquired about where we got him. We would like to plan a visit  to come out and see you, so you can see our Günther in person. Thanks for everything, he is a wonderful companion.
Tabitha R Whipple
                  5-25-08 #1 Gunther  5-25-08 #2 Gunther


Tidmores Rising Star Caleb – aka (Gunther) – What a gorgeous head!!



April 30, 2008

Cynthia:  Boone is doing great. He loves the farm and hanging  out with the other dogs. He is a great companion and constantly wants to  be with us but at the same time he is very protective and alert, which is just what we wanted. He just has a great personality and desire to  please. How is everything going on your end? I see you have some future litters coming up. I hope you and your family are doing well.        Here are some Boone picks………beautiful dog!  

Ryan and Ash
4-30-08 Boone 4-30-08 #2 Boone

April 12, 2008       Our boys name is Hahns—-he was Alvin for about 2 days and it just  didn’t match his personality.  He seems to like his name —I don’t  know why Will has such a problem deciding on a name—-he wants it to be perfect so Hahns it is. Hahns is so handsome—he is very social and we  get so many complements on him—e-mail me your mailing address and I will  mail you a picture—-you will be proud.

I look forward to hearing from you and for you to see our precious boy.
4-12-08 Hahns
Beauty X Cody son 2007
 April 10, 2008        

Hi Cynthia

    Thank you for writing back.  As a matter of fact I am going to have  Kaiser in classes in May.  I also wanted to send you one more photo of Kaiser with a little better lighting and display of his coat.  You can see a little more of the black, red and  is developing some  white hair on his chest area. Anyway, I thought it was a better angle to help you see more of his color pattern.  One of the things I really appreciate about Him is that when asked, he has a great attention span for being so young. Even when Gracie seems to lose focus Kaiser is still focused on me or whatever I am asking him to do.  I have never had a dog that can focus like he does. If I ask him to sit,  he will sit and remain looking at me no matter what is going on around him until I tell him otherwise.  Have a wonderful day…
4-10-08Crew & Gracie

Tidmores Rising Star Crew & Tidmores Rising Star  B The One

aka “Kaiser” & “Gracie”

Gracie is Kaiser’s Aunt



April 3,3008 

Here are some recent photos of Bruno and Cruso. Bruno is entered in the Bissell dog contest at  If you would like to vote for him click- vote now-specific dog name- B-  Br. Then he is a few columns down. The overall winner gets to be on a vaccum cleaner box.

Cruso is great. He is not as friendly as Bruno was at that age. He is a very loyal to his family kind of dog. He will stick to us like glue. We have really been trying to socialize him. He will start an obedience class later this month.  As far as personality you can’t beat Bruno. He has never met a stranger and likes other dogs. Although, he is imtimiatimg to both because of his size. If  you are ever over this way, I wish you would come by to meet him.
4-03-08 Bruno & Crusso 4-03-08 Bruno-head4-03-08 Bruno in snow4-03-08 Crusso


March 17,2008       

Hi Cynthia,

I thought you might like to see how beautifully Zephyr is growing  up.

She now has all her shots and is the picture of good health and high  energy.

I will be enrolling her in puppy school in April, but she will be way ahead

of her class. She already has all of the basics down pat. She continues to

show an aptitude for agility, being willing to try anything I ask her to


3-17-08 Zephyr3-17-08 Zephyr laying down3-17-08 Zephyr & chickens


 March      6, 2008

Hi  Cynthia-

All  is well.  I think I have sort of become Sergeant’s “person”.  He comes to work with me several days a week, and Gabriel has been sick a  lot.  So Serg has been going to class with me.  Our teacher says he has a calling for agility – but he gets bored quickly and requires a  constant challenge.  I think he could have easily been a police dog   – I have never been around such a protective puppy before – but there  is no way I’d let anyone else have him!  Everyone in class is amazed at his devotion to his family.  He never takes us out of his  sight – and our teacher is amazed with his concentration.  She said she has never seen a puppy that is able to concentrate like this.

We  graduate Kindergarten this weekend.  I will send some pictures of Serg with his hat and tassel.  We start Beginners in a couple of weeks and then on to Novice! 


3-06-08 Sergeant


March 2, 2008

Hello Cynthia,  here is pics from today, 3/2/08, of Roman.   He is truly amazing!  We love him so much.  He’s maturing into  a beautiful well mannered male GSD.  Please post these pics on your  site.  Best of luck with your newest litter!

Jeff and Julie
3-02-08 Roman-stacked 3-02-08 Roman & Julie
TERRA x DRYKER SON (1-13-07)

February 27, 2008       Cady went to her first  obedience class this evening and did wonderful. She was a bit of a bully when they were off leash playing but I think that comes from playing with Leo all the time. He’s rough and big. Her beautiful breeding was very obvious. When we were leaving we were in the parking lot and some guy      pulled in who had been driving by and asked where we got her! I told him  about you and the website and he said he had heard of your kennels. I hope you’re proud of the wonderful job you do breeding these great dogs. You definitely have the touch when it comes to matching dogs with the right  mate. I promise I’m taking pictures tomorrow and will have Jeff send them  for me. Mary 02-27-08 Cady 02-27-08 #2Cady_______________________________________________________________________________________________

January 21, 2008 – Tidmores  Rising Star Ruby

Hi  Cynthia,                   

Ruby  is doing great and she is much more than I had hoped. Her loyalty and  willingness/wanting to please me just amazes me constantly. I was a little concerned about socialization with just me being there and living in the  middle of nowhere with her not meeting other people very often. She has      handled it very well though. When she meets new people she has never shown any signs of aggression or fear but is very alert and sticks by my side to watch for my cues.                   

I  have been doing basic obedience and I admit I taught her a few tricks. She learns very quickly. I think she learns so quick because of her intelligence and wanting to please. She still LOVES to track so I have  been making that more and more challenging for her and she just never  gives up. To this day she has never not found something she was tracking.  I still plan on doing some agility with her; I think she would be great at it.                   

I  attached a picture.                   

Thanks for checking in,


1-21-08 Ruby