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  December 17, 2007

We are absolutely loving Ace!  He is such an  awesome dog.  He is wonderful with Aubrey – he has to give her kisses  all the time.  He will let her pull his hair in exchange for being  allowed to lick her face and feet.  He is such an amazing dog and  wonderful addition to the family!  I will attach a picture for you.            


12-17-07 Ace-#2 12-17-07 Ace


December 11, 2007      

Hope all is well. More Pix of Ms. Amy, she is such a sweet heart!

Merry Christmas

12-11-07 Amy head 12-11-07 Amy


October 16,2007      

Hello Cynthia
Gracie has been a wonderful dog and companion. She loves walks, riding in the car and playing in water. Maybe in that order.
  She has been a real joy to my wife and I. My wife had never really taken a great interest in any other dog I have had in the years we have been married. But she so enjoys Gracie. We look forward to the many years of joy to come.
  I hope the quality of photos come out ok. 
10-16-07 Gracie
September 30,2007        “Hi Cynthia,
Just a note to say that my two pups that we purchased from you are doing great and have grown into beautiful young animals with excellent temperaments.  They both adapt well to changes in their environment, and are easily trained.  Obedience is solid with both of  them, and they are both very gentle with our little girl.  We get compliments on how beautiful and well behaved they are.  Thanks again       for breeding them and striving to maintain integrity of the breed.
Hans’ and Angel’s Family ”
Thanks again and keep in touch.  You are a blessing!
9-30-07 Angel 9-30-07 Hans #2 9-30-07 Hans & Angel 9-30-07 Hans
August 23, 2007       No letter just pictures of  gorgeous Tidmores Rising Star Amy  from her new owners
Doug &Rachel
8-23-07 Amy #2 8-23-07Amy #1
July 31, 2007Ma’amHope everything is going well with all the pups. We have  not had any problems thus far and Roxy got her sutures out last Friday from a successful spay. i know you told us you wanted to keep you  updated so I attached a couple of recent pics. Thanks so much again. She  is our pride and joy.Norm and Jessica

6-31-07 Roxy


July 10, 2007


Just letting you know that Bruno came through elbow surgery all right. But, we got bad news on his hips –  he’ll probably need surgery on those, too. He scored between a 6 and 7 on some test they do on hips, with 7 being not good. He is so energetic right now its hard to keep him corralled. I guess his elbow feels better then it ever has. Dr. Dew did the surgery – he said this is definitely genetic and the parents should never be breed again. I told him you  had all ready decided that. Recessive genes in both is what I think he said. Anyway, Bruno will always have problems, but we will do our best  to help him have the longest pain free life he can.
7-10-07 Bruno-surgery
As a breeder, I try my best to do the very best for the breed and  those who purchase from me. Bruno is a gorgeous dog, and has an awesome temperament, but he is huge, and has developed problems. This is a      breeding that will not be repeated due to his problems. I feel honesty is      always the best way to be, and so I post this letter from his owners, and let you know that sometimes ALL puppies don’t come out perfect. But  neither do all human babies, live beings are not like putting together a  washing machine or any kind of machine. I still have the best interest at heart for this breed, and will continue to do my best in selecting and  breeding only the best to the best and praying that my choices will be the  best for the breed.

June 4,  2007       Hello Cynthia,

Hope this finds you and the doggies doing well and happy! We have been very busy this time of year, and I wanted to get a few pictures together for you before I  wrote you back.   Hans is adorable, and has been such a blessing to our family.  We all enjoy him tremendously, and I  believe he is very happy with us.  A couple of the photos show his enthusiasm for his ball!  Another picture that I particularly like  is the one where he is sitting on the deck watching over our little 3 year old daughter.  He is always keeping watch over her, and it is  a comfort to see them together.  He has an excellent temperament, and has never been rough or aggressive to her in any way. He has such a flexible personality, and wants to please us in every way.    He is doing fantastic in obedience and is a beautiful animal.  Thank  you so much for all you do, and please keep up the great work!  We intend to come back and buy a female from you when the time is right. 
Blessings from  Hans’ Family,
6-04-07 Hans #1 6-04-07 Hans #2
6-04-07 Hans #3 6-04-07 Hans #4
May 24, 2007


Here are some pics of Tidmore’s Rising Star Abe (aka Roman).  He’s growing like a weed.  He’s getting used to our cats, as you  can see in the pics.  He stands by, not knowing what to do, as they  devour his food.  He never ever gets upset or shows any sign of  aggression towards them when they move HIM out of the way to get at his  dishes.  His temperament is amazing.  We love him so much!    We’ll keep the pictures coming.
Jeff & Julie
5-24-07 Roman #15-24-07 Roman #25-24-07 Roman #3

May 16,2007      

Hello Cynthia,
Thanks for checking in. Gunner is growing like crazy! I sent a  picture of him with our other dogs last weekend. I’m not sure if you got it or not so I’m attaching it to this e-mail as well. He is simply wonderful. Such a smart boy, playful, curious, affectionate, and I could  go on and on.    His left ear is standing up perfectly but the right is more off and  on. It’s pretty funny! We’ve been letting him spend a lot of family time  in the house with us in the mornings and evenings. We went on a walk  last week and he did great on his leash.
Our son Hank and Gunner get along perfectly. We’re teaching them both to be considerate of each other and have had no problems at all.  Hank  likes to walk up and hug him – Gunner seems to appreciate it! 
Talk to you soon.
Ashley & Ryan
5-16-07 Gunner #25-16-07 Gunner                          Gunner is from my Terra X Dryker breeding born  January 13, 2007

May 1, 2007

Hi  Cynthia,                 

Just wanted to let you know Ruby is doing great. She is such a smart and good girl. Her and         Sheba  are the best of friends and look out for each other real well. Her  agility and tracking skills are amazing.  The  favorite thing for her is retrieving the tennis ball and I try and throw  it where she has to track for it, she loves it and won’t give up until it’s found. She also swims real well, I was surprised how well. I  guess those big feet are like paddlesJ



5-01-07 Ruby #2 5-01-07 Ruby #3 5-01-07Ruby #1

                                      Ruby is from my Daisy X Rhett litter born November 13, 2006 


March 20, 2007      

Hello Cynthia,
I apologize in advance for being so long-winded, but there is SO MUCH  to say about our beloved Arco!
Hope you are doing well, and enjoying the “babies”, because  we certainly are loving ours!?
He is an absolute joy in every way!? He surprises me in so many ways,  and as I have told everyone, he acts more like my pink-papered male than any GSD I have ever been around – and I have been around many.? Having  done Schutzhund years ago.
3-20-07 Hans #3 3-20-07 Hans #1 3-20-07Hans #2
                                       Hans is from my Terra X Dryker breeding born January 13, 2007

 March 10, 2007      

Cynthia ~  The trip home went well.  Any time that Aubrey  made a noise Ace  was checking on her and giving her kisses!  Ace slept at our feet while we were on the couch when we got home!  Today we introduced Ace and Josie  (our lab) and they have been getting along great!  He is fitting into our  family wonderfully!  I will email pictures soon!

3-10-07 Ace- #33-10-07Ace #1

                         Ace is from my Terra X Dryker  breeding  January 13, 2007 


January 9, 2007      


We can’t believe how big he is. He’s such a sweetheart. Between the two of them – Alexa’s the rough houser.
1-09-07 Bruno
                                           Bruno is from my Terra X E.T. breeding  born July 22, 2006