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December 24, 2006

Tidmores Rising Star Ebony

HI Cynthia,
    Everything is fine, we have busy with getting ready for Christmas.  Ebbie is fine, we have not started her formal  training yet.  The training center will be starting up first week of January with the group classes and I am anxious to get started.     Ebbie is really growing and is such a smart girl.  Enclosed  are some recent photos of her.  Her face has really started lightening up this last week, and she has some small splotches of the  mahogany color coming out on her back.
 Talk to you again soon,  
12-24-06 Ebony #2 12-24-06 Ebony

_________________________________Terra X E.T.  July 22, 2006_______________________________

December 12,2006

Just  a note and some pix.  A  few weeks ago at a fun match in  El Paso,  Bo took first in novice B.  Score 191.  Dana Wray was  the judge. This Saturday at a training session I hand my camera and got these pictures.  The dog are Linda’s Wolfie, Bruno, Bo, and an 11 month old female Dobie name Misty.   12-12-06 Bo & Zorro

The 2 shepherds in the middle from  “Tidmores Rising Star” kennels.

Left-Zorro(aka Bruno)-Terra X Zano son 2005

Right-Bobby(aka Bo)-Scarlet X Bobby son2004


December 4,2006


Bruno is really getting big. He is  enrolled in Companion Obedience classes and is doing really well. His baby fuzzy is falling off and it looks like he will have curly or very wavy hair. We love him so much – he is a great addition to our family.
12-04-06 Eldorado-Bruno
__________________________________“Tidmores Rising Star Eldorado_______________________________

 October 3, 2006      

It is definitely OK with us to post this  on your site.
Bruno is getting real big and a good looking an extremely smart dog. He is definitely the smart dog in the puppy class. He has picked up every thing real fast and has already mastered come, sit and down. We did heal last week for the first time in class and he did it perfectly. All the other owners were very impressed with him.
We are very happy with him and will keep sending you updates.

(at only 10 weeks!)

10-03-06 Eldorado (Bruno) 10-03-06 Eldorado-Bruno

“Tidmores Rising Star Eldorado” aka      (Bruno) 

(E.T. X Terra litter 2006)


August      26, 2006 

Hi Cynthia      

Today was spectacular; the new dog club in El Paso had an “A” match.  Bo was entered in Novice B and he really showed his “stuff”.  He took first place Novice B AND High in  trials with a score of 199!  The nearest in Novice B was a 192 and he beat out a dog in utility by 3 points.   

8-26-06 Ray & Bo heeling 8-26-06 Ray & Bo heeling #2 8-26-06 Bo long sit 

“Tidmores Rising Star Bobby” aka (Bo) (Bobby X Scarlet litter 2004)



          May 14,2006      



Hello Cynthia,
Here are some photos of Liesel taken on Mothers Day. She is a real  beauty, and is just now developing a keen sense of being a protector of  the family. She will let most children, women, and teens come up to the house, especially if she recognizes them; but most men receive a good  barking at in her deep voice.
5-14-06 liesel-head5-14-06 liesel-laying down                                                   Liesel is from my (Bobby X Scarlet litter 2004)