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Sorry  it has taken so long to send out current pictures.  Zack is the perfect companion and the smartest GSD we could ever ask for.  He got  2nd place in Novice and only missed 1st by a half point.  He is a great watch dog and is very social as well.  Thank you for breeding such a wonderful GSD.


Dennis,  Lillie and B Zack

B-Zack 2005 Dennis & Lillie B-Zack 2005B Zack is from my Scarlet X Bobby breeding born  October 19, 2004




I have a new cell phone with a camera option.  The pictures are not that good but at least I can get a quick snap every once and a while.
This pix  was taken on June 25th in El Paso during a break in the training session. Sissy, Kim with Bruno, and Bo.  What a group!         Live wires all !!!
Sissy, Zorro, & Bo 2005
_________________________________<These 3 dogs  are from 3 different breedings of Tidmores Rising Star Kennels. The left is Sissy, she is a Rhett X Scarlet daughter born in 2002. In the middle is Zorro (aka- Bruno) he is out of my Terra X Zano 2005 litter. Far right is Bo, he is from my Bobby X Scarlet litter ,2004. Their owners are awesome, and we are always thankful when our babies find homes like theirs!!!
Dennis      brought B Zack to the Main Plaza where I work!  He is five months and  two days old.     We were on the    marble floor in front by the tellers.  There were Managers, Bank Officers as well as several clerical personnel.  Dennis put B Zack  through his commands of heel, down, sit and stay.  B Zack was absolutely perfect! He had never been to the bank, these people were all strangers — he never once barked,  snipped or did anything other than stay by Dennis’s side.  Then he allowed everyone to come and pet him.  This dog was awesome!  We  were so proud.B Zack rode in the elevators — showed no sign of fear — his ears were up, tongue hanging out, smiling.  He did sit and look up at Dennis — as if saying,   “What the heck is this?”Formal schooling starts tonight!  We know he will put on a SHOW and be an  “example” the Instructor refers to!Thank you again for this wonderful companion!Lillie, Dennis and  B Zack

B-Zack 5-27-05Zack gets his CGC at only 7 months old!!!!B-Zack receiving CGC 5-21-05B Zack is from my Scarlet x Bobby 2004 breeding.  His owners Dennis and Lillie are truly AWESOME!!!  They are why Zack is so Good!!______________________________________________________________________________________________________________Hi,

          All I’ve got to say is “Bo” (Tidmores Rising Star Bobby) is  one awesome puppy.  He is growing very fast, has one wonderful  puppy disposition, and shows very high intelligence.  He is  presently enrolled in puppy play school, and puppy manners class. He is cautious but outgoing. Likes to view the situation (stays back for a few  moments) then joins the activities with 110% energy.  I’ve had  GSDs before but never one with the disposition that Bo has.  He is  a wonderful puppy and I hope he will make his pappa proud!.
Ray Von  Husen 
Bo-head-Ray Von Husen     Scarlet X Bobby son 2004Bo-Ray


Hello Cynthia,

Thank-you so much for your e-mail.  Congratulations on the titles you have achieved with Scarlet.
As you can see Liesel is a real beauty.  She is large-bodied, weighing in at 40 pounds on her 4th month birthday.   She is very intelligent having learned how to open both the front door  and the pantry door….so she can help herself to a treat. And yes, she  has learned where the “potty place” is located and does her  business there…..well at least most of the time,  if she doesn’t  make it there she at least crosses the driveway on the way to the potty place and never goes around the house.  In some of the attached  pictures you can see that she has the deep red color that you prefer in  your dogs.  We think it’s attractive as well.  She has a good disposition and loves affection from all of us. 
Look forward to hearing from you again.
Mike & Cheryl
Scarlet X Bobby Daughter 2004
Liesel-Mike & Cheryl #2Liesel-Mike & Cheryl

Hi Cynthia —

We have another tracking dog!!  Shawnee passed her tracking dog test today, in a record time of  5 minutes for a 460 yard track!    When I get the pictures I will send them to you.  Now it is on to TDX.  Next March!!
 I hope all is going good with you.  I love checking out  your website and seeing all the puppies!  Lucky for me you live in OK now!  I would really have a house full of spoiled shepherds. 
Sharon & Shawnee TD title

Sharon has purchased 2 puppies from me her oldest is now 6 years young. A half brother to my Scarlet. Shawnee is a  Scarlet  & Rhett daughter from the 2002 litter. She also put a tracking dog title on her 6 year old.. She is an awesome owner!!!



Hello, I  hope that this email finds you and your family in the best of health.         I am writing you this email just to let you know how great Duke has done.  I have increased his “prey” drive tremendously, as  he shows a great desire for his toy and retrieves extremely well.  His obedience is good but it could be much better considering his smarts, I just don’t work on it too much.  I feel that if I was to train him on an odor, (ie. marijuana) he would have no trouble in finding it.     I still have not decided if I will attempt to train him in illegal narcotics detection or not, but I will keep you posted.  Everyone  who sees him immediately falls in love with him, after they get over the  initial scare factor.

Very        Respectfully

Peter      Jaquez

Duke-Peter Jaquez #2 Duke-Peter Jaquez

  Duke is from my 2002 litter with Scarlet X Rhett. We appreciate his owner very much, who is a Border Patrol  person near El Paso Texas. We need to always Thank our men and women in  uniform who help to keep us safe. We hope to encourage him to get Duke  certified!! You can do it Peter!! (smile)


Cynthia, I hope all is well with the Tidmore Clan.

Just a short note to let you know that we received our third leg for our CD with a first. That makes 3 blue ribbons. Just to let you know the real story…She blew her  “stand for exam” but we had a extremely open minded judge…
I guess that we all get a break once in a while.
We’ll see what we can do in  “open”, keep your fingers crossed.
Oh, we’ve seen Ray’s pup Bo…what a great looking pup!!! Of course we would expect no less from a Tidmore  breeding!!  Talk to you again soon.
Take Care—

Sissy & David 2005 Sissy & Kimmie 2005 Sissy stack

Sissy is another Scarlet &  Rhett daughter from the 2002 litter. We’re VERY proud of their      accomplishments!!