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Havoc–Date of birth 12-13-2014

He would do best in a home as the only dog or with other females. He would need to be introduced properly to the dogs. He gets along with all my females even our min-pin. He has a high prey drive for his throw toys but settles nicely when they are put up. Knows several commands but has not been worked a lot. Would enjoy dock diving if you have any interest. He is an intact male, but hasn’t shown a lot of interest in females. One collection showed no live sperm. I will be trying to collect him again in a few months. I have too many dogs and I am trying to cut back. He was sold as a 9 week old puppy, but I took him back when his owner came into hard times. I have kept him because I want only the best for him and IF I can’t find it, he will just keep staying here. He isn’t a cuddle bug but will run by once in awhile for a quick pet. Feel free to contact me, text or call: 918-916-0128